I just dived into learning some Game developing, starting with this very simple C++ game Bulls & Cows.

This  SUPER AWESOME game is the result of the first 52 lessons(of 287 lessons) from the Unreal course on made by Ben and Sam.


Download the game for Windows:
(zip-file contains BullsCowsGame.exe)

Now just to be clear, all I did was to follow along and mostly copy what the teacher did, so I can’t take much credit for the coding and the game idea. I did however make some minor tweaks to it at the end, and learned some basic programming along the way. 

Lastly I have set the bar for what to expect in the future. I may have set the bar a little to high, making it impossible to exceed. So instead of holding you breath for what’s to come, enjoy the Bulls&Cows game.

P.S. highly addictive.

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